About Gary

I have always questioned “the big picture”… by asking… what if?

At the age of four, my mother nurtured my creative energies by doodling with me.  She cultivated a desire within me to express myself.  While experiencing difficulty in school academically, I found myself wanting to be submerged in art and sport for strength.  I quickly realized, my talent in drawing.  Making, in a moment, a thankful decision at the age of thirteen, art would be my career.

In the early stages of creating, emotions of fulfillment and something bigger than me soon helped to develop a deep security and a knowing that I could do this beyond average.  However, an inner struggle was evolving with no words to explain the feelings.  Ideas would keep my attention, depending on the difficulty, to a point then I would lose the focus.  This struggle went on for a long time until I went to college.

After seven years of training in two different schools, I had an epiphany.  Drawing for me was an enjoyed fundamental brick of my craft but did not serve me enough.  I found frustration.  Until the lights went on, that late October day in Interlochen, Michigan, when my hands touched clay.  The inspiration has not ended since the beginning of that exploration.  Working with a medium that fed my soul’s purpose…, “what if?”  From clay, stone and wood… my path was set.  This led me to a degree in sculpture from the Cleveland Institute with a focus on the figure in detail.

Always having form and function as my foundation I stepped into the field of bodywork for twenty years. It serves as valuable learning experience by adding another strength to the big picture. Studying the body, as a massage therapist, continues to transcend my abilities as an artist.  Understanding the body’s complicated design, combined with years of simplification brings forth a clarity, a “what if?” view point, that creates inspiration for others.

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