Moulin Rouge Series

The Music (1 of 5 in the Moulin Rouge series)

As the orchestra plays, the artists in their theatrical attire coalesce with the audience; engaging you in their acts of surprise and delight. The excitement of such an encounter is captivating, while heating your desires and fulfilling your soul. We come for the life, the entertainment, the “music”.


The Dance (2 of 5 in the Moulin Rouge series)

A moment in time… a robust gentleman realizes he has fallen in love with this attractive courtesan. In turn, she has come to fancy him, yet she cannot give more than a glance. For, in the now far reaches of her mind, patiently waits her next dance.


The Show (3 of 5 in the Moulin Rouge series)

Is this the time or place for heated discussions? There is only room for one performance. In a moment’s notice, a fraction of a second, a dancer brings a distracted gentleman back to “The Show”.


The Rendezvous (4 of 5 in the Moulin Rouge series)

The sound of music carries it’s harmony as sweetly as it moves our emotions. The fragrance of spirits and the lure of scent obscure our focus yet the show must go on. Nevertheless, the interests have shifted. The entertainment is now sitting beside you.


The Kiss (5 of 5 in the Moulin Rouge series)

The loveliest place on earth.  When the senses have heightened on a level unparalleled. Thoughts run wild only to birth the next, as all else fades away into the backdrop of the dance. Your heart’s race in Le tour de France, transcending you high above the crowds.

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